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to strengthen cooperation with us and asia this week sundays at eight thirty pm. seeming more and more. this week's journal as one greenwald gives us a preview of the next big revelation. find out what country is helping the less than a finance a hat the battles for stop and frisk won't be stopping anytime soon. we'll take a look at the latest regarding this and why he patted down and how the new mayor might be shaking things up for the better more details coming out. if you're short on cash why not sell your body bodily comments that it will be there not more and more americans are cashing in on everything from live daycare to fertile eggs will give you the number somewhat south later. michelle a fan it's due in november to help the key and washington d c time in your and a bit when you're watching our tea while edwards noted down to fall and as the weeks are far from over at least according to glenn greenwald greenwald is a former guardian journalist responsible for breaking the nsa surveillance story and he said there are indeed more uncanny documents to be released only this time i
to the us denies access to suspect we get from a generalist he says he's gotten truth. us soldiers all to blame. the special forces and the translators were indeed responsible for these men's fate. the sun shows stay america belongs the state of emergency in its relations with iran. someone even tougher restrictions despite attempts to seal a new clear agreements plus the all day and atmosphere of fear within britain. we need to learn he was targeted by controversial british government campaign to out the illegal immigrants on top stories this hour. the he's been through it with his lp with international news and comment. an investigation into the killings of civilians in afghanistan with the drops off to the us refused to cooperate american special forces and suspected of the madness but investigators have been refused access to them everett of the men were detained during us raids in afghanistan border problems that result to the twenty twelve and feathery twenty thirteen. they then disappeared. tim doherty is what makes had discovered just several hundred meters from an american in
for the next ten years the report of a story of jeremy humm and allegedly used by the fbi as part of a private army of hackers and punished for going astray alarming figures in japan's radiation odd spot. this is close to the average level of the goals down with that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living hard to travel to the exclusion zone the fish in about the government has vowed to make fit for habitation soon applied to some see as hopelessly unrealistic box russian police received a militant hideout leading to an intense gunfire with several terrorists dead reportedly including the met orchestra to last most people could ride bus bombing. it's three pm and off white mat as the berry good to be with us our top story this hour a cyber activists by the massive expos am the us private intelligence firm that spied for the government has been sentenced to ten years behind bars. analysts say the case that was anything but clear cut than is being described as a warning shot to whistleblowers but he's ho
our story. a pakistani family talk starts he after outlining the us congress the full horror of a cit a drone strike. eu officials had to washington what went on earth. the truth about american spying program takes millions of europeans have found themselves targeted by bike it's worse for obama bush was running the show. the country's leadership seems to be on clear what its national security agency is doing as we report later. the syrian government dismantled its chemical production facilities but the disarmament process pain in the balance of some rebel groups continued to defy the deal. watts. water teach science. as of the really bad about here the fourth test on the nose wheel over it the smiles that the us military officers mask the pain full force feeding of detainees at guantanamo bay. archie reports from behind a barbed wire. a new new. watching the weekly it's not a cure mrt with me in east now it's good to have you with us that the latest news plus a look back at the week's top stories putting a human face to america's so called war on terror in pakistan on family and a dr
ask obama to bring my cat back to life the us to go to war on terra is missing its market with human rights groups reported mounting civilian deaths. he travels to a yemeni the beach to hear first hand accounts all that remains from a us predator drone strike right here in yemen that killed two suspected members of al qaeda but also send billions. so is the loss of innocent lives justified in the fight against al qaeda stay with us as the report from one of the front lines in the war on terror. the russian court approached by guilt of my four greenpeace activists bring in the tenth of april least twelve for them part of a group of faithful or attempt to storm and i'll stick with egg on top stories this hour . the city to promote good it is not to repeat it for hours that day up to twenty three people being killed and powerful tools to be a reagan embassy in lebanon's capital beirut conflicting reports suggest the real cocoa after jake is among the victims of the bombings and injured more than one hundred and forty seven is gripping calcutta has reportedly claimed responsibility for t
to their home countries and told to infiltrate groups in order to help us capture and kill al qaeda operatives. of course this was risky considering that these prisoners could remain on their deal with the us and instead turned to kill americans. but as the ap reports for the ci day that was an acceptable risk for the american which was never told the programme was one of the many secret trade offs the government maine on its behalf. at the same time the government used the risk of terrorism to justify imprisoning people indefinitely. it was releasing dangerous people from prison to work for the ci day. so to get a little more perspective on as i was going to earlier by colonel morris davis former chief prosecutor at guantanamo bay and currently a law professor at howard university. at first asked him if he had known that any of this was going on at the time well i'd heard rumors of the different programs to strawberry fields and penny lane is well that about time i came on board in september of two thousand and five these were the new boarding pass so they really did keep this under wraps wh
's nuclear program a dingy need as tehran says talks have hit a snag any uses parts of blackmail above and be on the twenty fourteen olympic torch relay breaches outer space the symbol of the game to g time america's already busy airspace after supper for the congestion as the government is about to launch thousands of drones to disguise the report on the possible ris. it's two am and off the linat present it to be with us our top story this hour iranian lawmakers had accus france of blackmail during talks on tehran's nuclear program negotiationst a crucial stage between iran and six world powers after a decade long deadlock that had been hopes of a deal but now negotiations appear to have star struck a stumbling block he's just a silly is falling negotiations in geneva they're beginning to skepticism really has been coming from fasting giving it a setback when he smells concerts have to be taken into consideration if anything that is indeed to beat reality israel has been bitrly m comfortable with the sweet enough to be awful to hear these route one. this is a package deal. clever rig
add that to life. the us towards her is missing it's not with human rights creature posting announcements of it and that's all the troubles together if that is thick and fast hundred pounds. all that remains for u s predator drone strike right here in yemen that killed two suspected members of al qaeda but also send billions to is the loss of innocent life to justify can fight against al qaeda. stay with us as we report on one of the front lines in the war on terror on the rio rico with five actual currency pickling peaks as nourishment in the lives of kids names and objects in the financial status at the us senate hearing the new. he's a comment like promotes good pieces on skype with me. it's up to twenty three people have been killed and powerful blast in the iranian embassy in evidence capsule buried and iranian cultural sharing is among the victims of the bombings that are injured more than one hundred and four c lebanese group links to al qaeda has reportedly claimed responsibility for that not only discussed conference was the house in a text. it also opened at nine t
but then the senior side of surveillance ahead. can the us government is planning to anything now that sentence yet the attic and the stated reason security concerns. for two at the map look at the divide between the us government in the banking coming out. and a new video puts a damper on the thanksgiving turkey undercover investigators reported footage of the crowded set preconditions add turkey breeding farm more on that later in the shelf. it's wednesday november twenty seven signed in washington dc. i mean you're a david you're watching our tea. we begin to date with new revelations regarding the national security agency according to secret documents obtained by the huffington post through adverts not in this they participated in tracking the on line sexual activity if people the agency considered to be pope radicalized or is not part of the proposed plan to target six different muslims thought to have been influencing the opinions of others in carrying out theurveillance the agency was hoping to harm your reputation and undermine their credibility as muslim leaders in the community the docume
in the us to be re homed online via an underground market. never never use his demo on the other looking for kids when they're sick people were everywhere. we chilled to a young man hilarious take tragedy of today's online re adoption. top stories this hour. the stupid rules. he would be to match the news and comment. it's official america's relations with iran remain in a state of emergency. the sanctions regime includes nearly three decades ago has been renewed the timing of that given the failure to most of the wrongs make a program over the weekend but the white house says that he is learning and progress is being made on other fronts for whom has appointed a new diplomatic representatives to home two years off to an angry mob stormed the uk embassy in tehran. auntie sarah firth reports now from london. well monday nathan unbelief see each other countries now that is the continuation of the way if not the case that it cannot be titled coming on about because at that meeting at the weekend in geneva a fat that surrounds me to pray about and why nots actually considering the uk. of cou
raises alarm on america's don't campaign which has taken hundreds of innocent lives despite the us claims that very few civilians come under fire. one ten p i was outside with my grandma then everything became doc i was scared to talk to study girl who survived a us drone attack travels to washington to tell congress how her home was destroyed and her grandmother kill the eu isn't satisfied with washington's explanation of the nsa surveillance allegations germany wants edwards noted himself to shed some light on reports of its chancellor's the phone to be intact. she knew only in germany france and india. now stay the course of the united states is going to repeat itself. art is a roughly thirty latency speaks exclusively to an estate weeks reporter glenn greenwald who is skeptical but america will stop its surveillance anytime soon data behind the barbed wire art he travels to the notorious guantanamo bay detention camp for the military staff deny is that the facilities the dark reputation. meyer that biology torture and suicides is anywhere close to reality lol. what kept you up
tensions between germany and the uk over spying allegations were all really make use of one of them breaching international law by using its embassy and the surveillance post. and in reaching for the start of the light the torch for the winter games in sochi prepares for a lace top and a first ever spacewalk. a report from the lawn sign the my maths hundred accounts he welcomed the program. how the ethos nine tip on a global field this year activists to more than four hundred cities around the world. turnout for the million man march to show their anger and iraq politicians corporate rule the state surveillance in london the ninth was marred by a bonfire scuffles and iran's crown started flying nearby camp ellis and long parliament when he's here for us was there the eye the they had a lot of it one of the aisle. the devil the act. they are. they are and. indeed it is not painted. the good things that need from the path that the father that weapon of freight traffic in the mall right now blogged about not caring that you have nothing can gooping that it will bomb iran. i know. i am
. now cloves that we use in cooking are the dried flowers that come from this tree. the plant originated on some incredibly small volcanic islands called the moluccas, and centuries ago, thousands of people lost their lives fighting over the little thing, because it was more valuable than gold. imbued with magical properties, sought after for medicines and aphrodisiacs, with the power to build empires and destroy lives, this is the story of spice. i am merrilees parker, and i am going on a voyage around the world with my chef friends padma lakshmi, who is in india and spain, tyler florence, who is in mexico... >> you may find the following scenes disturbing. >> and peter gordon, who is in china. >> mmm, it's pretty pungent stuff this. >> mmm. between us, we explore the colorful past of spices and how they have changed the way we eat today. we follow the journey spices made from china over the silk routes to the middle east and from the spice islands through the spice ports of malacca, sri lanka, and kerala, via arabia to europe... and from central america to spain and from there around t
was dead. but the keystone to go he survived a us drone attack travels to washington to tell congress how the room was destroyed. the grandmother was killed. also this week i get by nsa spying an eu delegation fails to get expla officials from germany to establish blatant again olds is about a topic of jokes about knuckles. holland germany and france india. now stay in the course of the united states. it's going to repeat itself we get from an essay takes for four thick and green gold to says us intelligence will continue to call the state that despite outrage from the and its allies. the point above the law of the reports from inside guantanamo prison where over a thousand detainees are still on hunger strike to protest at detecting deflect attention and mistreatment . the top stories from the post and paste the latest developments this is the weekly tea. a pakistani family who lost a grandmother in the c i a true strike travel to washington this week to testify before congress. he's going to come was that the emotional briefing with family members asked us filmmakers will either and was
will be no guarantee to be used for peaceful purposes call he's been through criticism he would be a difference a day. ukraine has decided to pull operations for trade agreement with the eu comes off the country's parliament rejected a bill which would allow the jailed former prime minister yulia tymoshenko to receive medical treatment abroad. the cynics the shift he has more on the crikey relations between kiev and brussels. it is a sharp turnaround for ukraine's aspirations to sign the eu association deal next week in vilnius. now the kenyan government says that it has suspended all preparations for signing this doctrine during the eastern partnership summit of mostly as the statement from the government so as to nullify any potential economic threats to ukrainian accordingly if this association do is to be signed. basically this means that the korean government believes that the crane unicorn is simply not ready for signing this association he'll be a first vice prime minister of the korean government to do what the form of energy minister has specified that the korean government is looking to cre
this point the finger at tracking box sound of a gun made using a three d printer for three years in the us effectively to a deadly revolution and homemade fire. i am. m and off i want my present it to be with us here on our teeth our top story this hour. eu leaders have admitted there'll be no association agreement with ukraine in a two day summit that opened in vilnius thursday to free trade deal between kiev and the bloc have been assigned this weekend but ukraine chose to ditch it at the last minute. ukraine's parliament is besieged day and night is pro eu demonstrations in the capital and or their sixth day. he's paul scott military ships year following the events in kiev and the pics. protests are growing in numbers in it right now i would say approximately thirty thousand people watched his independence when the city sent to the pros this is the soul but this may well be called before the storm because we're already heard the statements coming from some opposition leaders that the intensity of the province does not sign the new association tea on friday vilnius. they will be taking p
in their respective countries. here to give us a little more insight on how the church was responding to the allegations, i was joined by jimmy aiken. i started by asking him how detrimental this was with u.s. relations with the vatican. >> i don't think they're particularly detrimental. the attitude that father lombardi displayed in his statement i think is pretty cal of what you would expect. -- pretty typical of what you would expect. the italian press is pretty rumor fed. you can't place any confidence in what it says normally. but in this case, we know that all the major world powers spy on all the other major world powers all the time. i don't think the report is particularly endowed. i would assume na that the -- that the n.s.a. is spying on every country like. >> i mean, what do you really make of that response? >> i think the difference is because of what the vatican is. if you're a normal country like germany or england or france, you know the u.s. is spying on you. but when that comes to the attention of the press you want to act outraged to reassure your population that yo
is accused of espionage and preaching britain's national security america's huge soon to be pretty useful in complexes that are good i'll break that authorities failing to keep t away from what was supposed to be a secret so the city. but inside and on an army base. so you can get to be protesting the army to protest the nsa. activists to cease the already notorious data center in utah which will host supercomputers able to stall them millions of phone calls emails and internet searches that are being harvested. peace in ruins but this time someone's the american ambassador saying washington dc's couple talks with is the most medicines for us try and kill the leader of the taliban in the country. in. hearing was interested to one in the morning. this is auntie british authorities say a poem of a newspaper reporter who's been publishing it would snow these leaks was involved in espionage and terrorism. the accusation was made in this golden yellow token which is being used as evidence in the london court hearing. the surfer is closely following the case now the continent with it again it
appeal to the uk prime minister is an open letter saying nationals. it shouldn't be used to justify war on india. and to bronson they get sent on american rally in years thousands demonstrated and residential colonies outreach to washington to find out why insert set on rates. i am. i want from us get with the ridiculous welcome to the program. it gets ousted president muhammad morrissey has been adjourned until january next year the formerly year has been charged with inciting the killing of protesters in december last year. hundreds of his supporters how the ramming outside a courthouse in cairo in a heavy police presence and use both the er was there for us the preceding six and is still time to go. i'll start again on can you be the case with me is held to develop new inside the court. what actually happened there what's a guy that has been extended till the eighth of january the past three months time in the top it's about a tsp of italy's top of that these enormous case finds that this is said to be his biggest fight to six thousand pages long and all the noise concentric they sup
is docked in ensuring that the trans pacific partnership would affect us another negotiating nations from medicine to internet freedom. more on that coming up. they're growing calls for the guantanamo bay detention center to be closed as there was promise to close the facility years ago hasn't been tapped. what might a new debate brewing on capitol hill over the national defense authorization act mean forget about that later dish up a fan. it's wednesday november thirteen five pm in washington dc on sensex in your walk that are too. that are inherent with a nine percent approval rating. no that's not runners crack smoking there were upwards of cruel rating. that's the united states congress's approval rating today according to a new gallup poll. at present is the lowest rating ever recorded envelops thirty nine year history of asking americans that they approve of the way congress is handling its job. just two months ago in september. they look like congress is making a comeback. it's a priority was to ten points higher at nineteen percent. still abysmal in low but it's better than nine p
with us because their resume will be heading to the west appears to be a facilitator for the common folk looked up to clash between the late mail. joe wasn't for terrorism but what of a newspaper report that revealed intelligence leaks is accused of espionage and preaching britain's national security. his future soon to be openly display complexes that are good for outrage the authorities failing to keep the away from what was supposed to be a secret festivity. but inside the roman army base. so you can't get to look the part that the army to protest an essay. activist. this leaves the already cooked or if they decide to utah to his stupid computer is able to stall the millions of phone calls emails and internet searches that of the harvest. and peace in ruins pockets of some of the american ambassador saying washington scuffle told businessmen to consult a us drone killed the leader of the taliban in the country . call. lol the students to be geared more to it which just opened at two p m the fifth of the british authorities say the partner of a newspaper reporter who's been publis
to an open access a national security should be used to justify the wrong dude. i might organize a kids area. the uk government's response to revelations. not that they can thank our actions are raiding fundamental human rights. on the drums biggest anti american rally in these provinces demonstrate against president dr haneef had breached a walking to the find out why the ratings is so great. i wanted to be doing it it must go it just wrote this this is up to one and kevin nolan our top story then. the trial of the jeeps as to psent mohamad most he's beendjourned until january next year he's bee charged with inciting the killing of protests as last december. hunters of the fully to support has been running outside the court as in cairo that a heavy police prence of people mostly it was there for us the preceding six and is still time to get the sauce m is held to tell you what's inside that cold. wh actually happened there. plus because it has been in attendance of the eighth of january the past three months time in the top it's about a tsp of italy's t of that to these enormous case files
. it is going to cheat and joined the protest is in the us capital. washington has been in protest groups marching under the umbrella going on as a participant in the protest what they see is that we say it has been in the persecution of the symbolic protest against monsanto the last to get good use of genetically modified seeds and generally speaking they see themselves as a movement against the government and corporations taking advantage of the people. to twist any next to the white house would he want as an obama tuesday we want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the bank's been bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling with johnny depp. we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the nsa to address noted the chelsea man and all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking of regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough to want just this morning on the model of foreign leaders the people our own communication the company to stop now. some would even say n
this digital catch the use for illegal activity and beaten down in san francisco one man was detained and held down and my police officers all for illegally riding a bicycle now he's accusing police of using excessive for us. we'll tell you this story later shell. in november nineteen ninety and washington d c i carried a bit and you are watching our team the negotiators from all countries were taking part in a trans pacific partnership began meeting today in salt lake city utah. refresh your memory the chance the civil partnership or tp peak is a new trade deal being negotiated. that would open up markets between nations along the pacific and ran now it's also one free deal that has by and large remained a secret from the however the massive pack is expected to affect jobs the environment. consumer safety and a whole lot more and max were beginning to learn details about how much is really in jeopardy. lastly transparency organization baking weeks released a draft of the intellectual property chapter of the ttp that reveals new proposals for copyright and patent rights that would boost big ph
of its parent group. on the bbc's plans to launch his arm and drug problem trick in teenage sons with us to this morning helping that guarantees that ma and pa for the peaceful use of it ukraine's parliament describ a bill allowing child takes one to seek the attention paid to be treated as though fetching trade talks with the heat which has been inherited by the country's shattered the player. he's like a moth that this is on skype with me here next. the tree. us troops may remain in me down in the woods and still they carrying out miniature operations after the end of a combat mission in twenty fourteen spots and raw security deal suggests on down the president is touching the assembly of the country's adult is to support it. that's why are they saying as little trust between him and washington in the late jack that council has started debating the drops guiding the role of american troops in afghanistan after this trial according to the freshly into agreement up to sixteen thousand us soldiers will stay for ten more days and possibly beyond. there will be playing a support role i've b
to us draw to the attack first thing i would go on really long way to change in that situation. his eye and an irregular drone strikes that take place on these countries. the leader of the time about a practice that has killed five american on the back row some reports suggesting the street the police were killed within it has been quoted in the usa but who is responsible for spying on european leaders have misled says he's ready to share his knowledge of the nsa activities with gemini pleasing result of this race to the president said what it's a privilege to reinforce the use of a defence force for convicted hackers but totally cyber criminals are keen to sign up the it is good to hear more skin which it at eleven pm gets his auntie and it's not a developing story. a security officer injured in the shooting of authentic international airport on friday has reportedly died at least two other people wounded including the gunman who opened fire at the security checkpoint and is now in custody the airport is now little doubt these are the major speeches promising were departing flights sus
been the state from the us is preparing for inclusion off thousands of new techniques for pps off potential accidents. daylight robbery. daddy has had great seats left in the online bank to making off with multimillion dollar with optical. at the first veto of the house we lived at fifty eight valuation than to fourth the agency to buying of love from an american scientists. i mop like you're watching on tv with me to say it's good to have you with constant disruption in the second top story this hour. his mind breaking new kit called sweet pea run advantage of the fifth day pulling a man that the discussion on friday and went on the home office and sentiments of the six nations attending the talks expense squash is optimism that the meeting at the sofa and joined from any line from jeannie but with more now that does the side of the progress that has been made if a flop and i would still have green on. i think cautious optimism is the correct word to describe the estate was saddened that have been issued by the leaders taking part in peace talks you into the vet this morning we h
for peace. a journalist from baghdad who was on his mood use to being in the center of events that never before did he become the story himself until one day he was driving to work when suddenly. during tours the two storey bridge and cards lol. i became conscious only twelve days later finding my leg was empty he survived but was shocked again after finding out who was behind the attack and it's my neighbor admitted being an al qaeda member since two thousand senate she said. killian was a direct order. he received at the aha the situation in iraq is long gone beyond the meanwhile. it has become clear. iraq has become subjected to a war of genocide by terrorists were targeting all spheres of life last week mr money he met with president obama does indeed you are in urgent need of help with the signs general statements nothing concrete email accounts the people who aren't on the ground. you will i and anyone who walks in the streets at any moment with a couple of months is likely will hold an exclusive built. at any moment. anyone may be killed. instead of a dozen years now and talking a
morning when when when when when when. the rta that election day twenty thirty hear us from new york city to miami beach unconventional candidates are shaking up the usual red vs blue politics in depth coverage of today's elections. just ahead and in washington state there's a major vote on labeling gmo foods. this initiative passes it would force biotech manufacturers to disclose the use of genetically modified crops more on a boat for greater transparency coming up. not in colorado there's an initiative to divide the state's eleven counties in northeast colorado will vote on whether or not to secede. so were the chances of a fifty first state to play more later in the show i am. it's tuesday but work with five pm in washington dc and said saxon you're watching our tea. then we began with election day twenty thirty. that's right political junkies around the country can rejoice because big name elections are just reserved for even numbered years. they happen on aud never yours too. so let's take a look at the map the new jersey and in virginia voters head to the polls to elect a
removed from the battlefield of america's ever expanding war on terror it's both the pulse of the us not told anyone longer than necessary. we also know that whenever we really someone we assume are rifts over a period of more than a decade the majority of detainees held there have been set free from any one item or view these stupid human monsters in the worst of the worst quote cheney i'm going to them. but most of those still kept locked up have not been charged and are being held indefinitely. what sort of a black hole of the oven and allow week sixteen with the president of the u s states simply refuses to say this in the u s officials say the law of more brains behind this barbed wire. the idea was that the war. when you capture folks. you as the capturing the story are permitted to hold people during the generation of hostilities and when hostilities and four. if there's no longer any purpose legitimate purpose to toe hold them and they must be released. a tiny problem the war on terror has no geographic borders with men once held here. creepy treated to a wide array of count
be granted immunity in the country neon twenty fourteen the future of us intervention in afghanistan coming on and on the mainland and attentive to the scale in favor of your arteries the fda is about to take away your regions of the facts will get saturated in the details of the rendition of a. yet the stain on the twenty first find him in washington d c and m lopez and you were watching rte one political and tribal elders are meeting in kabul afghanistan this week to discuss the future of us troops in the country. he is known as lay eggs are about one inch to one thousand tribal elders will vote on whether or not to get the u s troops in unity in afghanistan beyond twenty fourteen. such an agreement the us has threatened to pull all troops out of country and led afghan troops take on the taliban on their own dhoni karzai and us secretary of state john kerry have already reached a draft agreement to buy immunity for us troops were at least another decade. our travel elders have a dab hand at modifying the dl. after their boat will go into afghanistan that parliament then back to resign for
are the words that use the agreement was thrilled to be reached this agreement of course coming between hugh grant and the united states but storefronts germany and britain. the tongue awful how is this saying that the proposed deal will lift the creature of sensis which had taken years to put into place and at the same time it needs the matter with its nuclear program and its enrichment capabilities intact instead the swans to the israeli criticism over the screaming deal between the van and winston collins the difficulty of state john kerry has said that the united states is not stupid. he has said that the tongue on who does not know exactly what is going to need on and be more experience of disagreement in fact on. what is being proposed now. his tale in which iran retains all of that capacity. i'm not sure that the prime minister of great respect for god knows exactly what the amount or the terms again today because we haven't arrived at the mall yet that's what we're negotiating. tv but coming from the stevenson said he does point to tensions between these two allies the united states
challenging than expected. warning for whistleblower us not to get ten years time but tough to break into a private company supplying database that revealed the white russians keep an eye on human rights activists nationwide. well but that on a promise to return all evacuees to the homes if the issue despite the loving radiation levels while outside the exclusion zone. this is close to the average level of the goals down with that in the chernobyl zone. only with one exception. the place where i'm at right now more than ten thousand people are currently living. due to investment capital in european he's sporting a most to our top story this morning most of serious talk to god still must be taken out of the country by the end of the year according to the adopted by the chemical weapons watched all but the most pressing question when will the thousand tonnes of highly poisonous materials is set to go then storming the times this morning. so far it looks unlikely that the country's actually going to volunteer to take it the middle east correspondent reports the organization for the pres
and nothing seemed the uk and us five minutes that we try and pry that these differences saying that the differences between the west and how if i actually had very bad thing as i like the mag says that he embraces a day when i was like tentacles and the head of the uk. as anthony smith will present its other surrounding the talks at the poll was taken to the twentieth twenty two months even with hindsight the tree with the intake saying that i've he is confident that further progress will be me. it's fine if any of the last week and school was the non chain they know with ron's the license its major part was when morales united on agreement john kerry says it was you're on the project and the deal something to my house tonight and had an old saying cheese ache. the head of britain's parliament re group and global security and nonproliferation says there's no point in playing the blame game. i don't myself a disservice both to blame anyone at this stage in a very delicate negotiation on the french nor the iranians will the americans. that's all the blame game needs absolutely no
teammates but the next caller tells us how tough it's nothing to do before having to take criminals into science. news and comment line for months and this is the seat with me you dash out on a chair the risk and the code is the moment is approaching a crucial phase with you rather not put their weapons and choose function about to back three and the toxic also will most likely be sent a bullet that killed the prices. how nineties correspondent reports now on the probe was behind and the cdu and the commitment shown by the muskets. today is that the prohibition of chemical weapons to court after destruction did nine specific chemical awesome no. so for the masses has made to forgive nine in the construction program today tuesday the fifth of that and that i'll bring it to just wait for equipment used for mixing and production of poison gases emitted agents. damascus is that remains committed to the team. the fake diamonds the workbook with our duty to do whatever it takes. cool commit ourselves to these two blocks. but it expects see we can do it so not ready to do it either this wa
was on the streets of chicago brings us the story. it's known as the windy city be on the skyscrapers of downtown glance. chicago is known for something pounds. ryan. some of these streets are described as war zones where violence is part of the media line. she joked. though it is all about girls and one the fbi estimates there were five hundred murders here in chicago in two thousand to twelve alone more than any other city in the united states. that figure has given chicago the reputation as being america's murder capital. most of the deaths are results of gun violence around here. it's no secret if you want a gun. you can get one. by the uniform again you know i'd love love this tree down and get it. you don't know for sure that the city of chicago was trying to change that by imposing a mandatory minimum law for gun offences under the law. anyone caught with illegally possessing a gun would get a minimum three year sentence. it would have to serve eighty five percent of that. no exceptions. maya lin record for an arms old lady. the grainy gone. dalits of another old will carry these neighbors
be for tougher sentences and more in a spot the next calm speaks to us to intel's is how profits of big book before rehabilitate criminals back into society . the our goal. forty to two and it's mine and capital investors opt in to action to stop to make it more scope. because this out serious chemical disarmament approaching a crucial things that the roadmap for the weapons actual destruction of the works. but the progress is in question that as the next main stage where that took the gospel of peace and for elimination is uncertain tonight. albania which was the most favored choice till tonight that is projected america's request the middle east correspondent paul so for the masses has made or get nine in the construction program that can make it to the fact that in that cabinet had to display port equipment used for mixing and production of poison gases and nerve agents damascus is that remains committed to the team the good ones. the workbook with our duty to do whatever it takes. cool comatose of the beast the blocks. but that expects see we can do it so not ready to do it either pass t
nuclear program according to the un summit watched all of us will make it to still mulling further sanctions against iran. we report on the divide between the white house and capitol hill. also this hour. the reason and one time. it's hard to tell right now exactly how long will be down here in this match. easy to promise but hoped to deliver the pleasure of quantum it is as elusive as ever. as the doctor doctor told me it says the average an aussie reports from inside the home or future. it made things and. the undressing else that is most likely sitting down on illegal immigration every friday they don't race of accommodation places of what looking for illeg immigrants. it's friday morning we got with the police. what are the dregs the prayer. i know he with international news and comment. russia's president has praised the cooperation between favorite authorities and the chemical weapons watched all in a landmark in conversation with the syrian leader. in that region became the first head of the un security council member state in years to constantly told to shut us out. aunties
day of his playboy kodak is joining us live now from geneva to bring us the latest. he is there a feeling when either the breakthrough could be reached this time well built old's hair in full swing the man as he said has been a flurry of activity since russia said a map of jesse james is anybody's your teammates with his iranian counterpart he said setting the scene with ease talk to them as catherine ashton as soon as well now and to finance and number of sticking points still remain hidden so what are the hunted down to fifty lbs is getting to be mates and we made the rounds foreign minister has already set the tone that's the wild talents come to making recognize he runs and lights to uranium enrichment. he's not signing a deal here and we know that's coming into the suitcase nations iran has already made a number of concessions according to reports they've already agreed to stop enriching uranium to identify the sounds. they've agreed to display areas of anything that's already been enriched to a five percent of the red sea and the whole city was taken about not usi
that happened last week. negotiators from the us britain france germany russia andhina. what labor talks in geneva switzerland but that our plant which restaurants and nuclear programme. now the idea was to lessen sanctions against the country in exchange for all on a freezing its nuclear program. international powers fear that iran is tryingo build a weapon but tehran says that the nuclear program is peaceful. secretary of state john kerry said monday progress was made in the p five plus one pox and he hopes the deal could be reached soon. so we are working hard. to try to overcome this for us to try to build confidence to try to find the way is that both the p five plus one in the united states and the and around have the ability to be able to achieve this goal of ascertaining the sort without doubt. that day program. it is a peaceful nuclear program the diplomacy takes time and all the parties here need time to fully consider the issues however talks were cut short when iranian officials look back down to a new round of negotiations is expected on november the twentieth. archie pulse
to this information is. you know use for long reasons are all tomorrow when people are marching across the world would anyone need listening everybody everybody on the streets that's going to be walking by and see we want mainstream media to listen to let them know that you know where the people are finally come together and we we want to influence them to make a change. but more importantly we just wanna reach the general and let them know a lot of people though so watch mainstream news and up. the though this believe everything that that album then on. so we wanted we want to influence those people to look elsewhere to share what i planned to transfer them and send the bill by this rally into real action thereafter we ate we wanna make this it's nice to be a one time thing. on the momentum of this it we we we hope to see it of. of more more ratings go towards alternative media at them from their will to stop. you will keep up. the other events we have a lot of other events coming up after this which i really wanted to share. will tell people before we go where they can find out more about the sedan
system and you see a us district court judge hears the case of genesis collection of bone matter that and it's prison program more on that day it's another just ahead. then during the week that the nation's capital activists gathered for a summit on drones summit focused on the global consequences of us drone program to include victims of drone strikes. that's coming up later. the new research shows that every year thousands of americans going to hospitals wind up victims of a medical mistake that cost them their wives. an in depth look at some of those victims later the show. a fan and. it's monday in november eighteen five p m in washington dc on sensex in your watch it hard to read it here in washington dc at the dc district courthouse were just heard oral arguments today in a case to put an end to some of the nsa spying activities. the two issues that had were the nsa is all telephone mehta data collection which we know targets millions of americans as well as in this is collection of americans internet data under the prison program. both those programs for appeal by edwards
of individual privacy. let the oven and zach. and on capitol hill victims of us drone strikes are testifying on capitol hill in the family's small bomb makers about the horrors of drone strikes and loved ones they've blocked. we'll bring you one of those tragic story later that. if one is a november twenty oh five pm in washington dc. lopez and you are watching our tea. chief negotiators from all twelve countries participating in tops of the trans pacific partnership on some lake city utah today. the goal is to resolve differences between the countries and the call of a formal agreement. i mean the here and it succeeds it would be the biggest trade agreements in world history australia tonight to play canada japan malaysia mexico new zealand peru singapore united states and vietnam are all taking part in the talks cox would have been mostly conducted in secret. even congress says that it's being left out. and they aren't alone. where there is a gathering of world leaders there's likely to be a group of protesters and this meeting that was no exception many of them are afraid that they will l
will be useful i don't organization acquire these documents i can ask one of those hezbollah movement than a weekend. he didn't like to be out of the dedicated in protecting or she wishes we could keep wiggling its name and productive. and no discussion of chips. i'm just that. so what's the starling think a lot of our athletes the tdp document. woohoo that it means that the great machine the book is being held is talking of course was in that is in great contrast in secrecy. that was on the agenda of the eight hundred million people will be affected by this cheesy cheers to you and you knew us. it was best. to the fast track route is to the conclusion of the electorate. being able to scrutinize every angle and make the amendments. many elements used in its own the share of ups and the bees back to the hospital industry will then make it much harder and for him the floor people who continuously area to get access to affordable interesting. the teams of up to the effect on me yet the internet. the star of its stifling and installing end was near. who is shooting for ctv a corporate interest
. with us assistance to battle the insurgency. these profits in the sand gets us through treatment on him and strike killed the leader of the pakistani taliban was prepared to negotiate. watts it's almost like a symbolic over one of the populace. it makes her way. the vast new and as a complex and you try it. this is by protesters predicts a brand new senate bill to design teacher curtailed new pink as a way to actually realize the ball got a collection of millions of them. our headquarters in maths counter watching our tea with me in east now with this undertaken to have you with us. our top story teller has become the bloodiest month in iraq in five years data from the countries in the interior defence and health ministries puts the death toll at nine hundred and sixty four people at the ninety percent of civilian eight hundred and fifty five according to the government that number hasn't been this high since april two thousand and eight more than a thousand were killed when numbers don't quite correspond with the findings of the un which puts july as the bloodiest this year. but whatev
appearance will look at what to expect the guantanamo apparentl the lycopene be one of us here little more than a life of the dt me if you run one of these babies over the line is ten thousand dollars the report from a detention camp on what keeps the guards busy while a former inmate describes that e learning torture methods used to break prisoners. and a high altitude hand over the sochi olympics torch reaches the iss after historic launch from the viking era cosmic girl. app that lets take a look at life pictures there and kick and the atmosphere of joy n happiness because this indeed is a historic ment there. i am the scenery the doc she and her much for being with us now. haha the heels of american intelligence boss is trying to justify masturbate with its time for british spy chiefs to face a grilling halves of the three uk intelligence agencies are about to make an unprecedented appearance to explain their spine operations produce her first takes a look at what to expect the best trying new things i have three heads. it was a spy agencies. the same name being questioned by anti isr
to share with us as to actual hard evidence that the terrorists or potential terrorists have been looking at these reports no use up before i get no show that they could be an effective fight at whitby on this that they have faith that the ecj i think is that the questions at the outset give in and with a spicy swiss engineer asking the to paint it on trusting and windmills sleep in but for what we came out with the trite saying their lines in it and the country. i've probably been the way to get his neighbor matt nations calls the law all that trust has being invaded and say that is wet. the difficulty is things like this that made this an interesting bits of information. i am not for the gang's be very crazy speeds life that i think that he can see this debates the continuing use of fur if it will most active predicted the intelligence bosses were likely to find themselves in a war zone like to call to jam into the snow has gone commences to the benefits of british governments have made it but those leaks. back in july the office of the guardian newspaper which had some of the files wer
a great sounding dollars to make sense of this hearing for us. federal reserve vice chairwoman janet yelling face the senate banking committee on thursday for her confirmation hearing as the next head of the central bank now during the hearing on she committed to promoting a strong economic recovery and will ensure that there'll be no monetary stimulus for mobile anytime soon. also during that hearing senator mike crap that we wasted no time grilling the island over if and when we'd see any end to quantitative easing. jenna just continue indefinitely. i mean is the labor market doesn't improve to the point that you reach your target how long can this continue do you agree that there has to be some point by which we return to normal monetary policy tool. i would agree that this pro korean cannot continue forever. if there are costs to risks associated with the program and only one on to say that the fed takes risks to financial stability very seriously and that beth and recognizes that the longer these programs go on the more prominent as risk could be. and while today's hearing and p
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